Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's in a name

I have agonised over the name of my bags for a long time now. What do I call them? How many letters should be in the name? Generally five is the best right? What to do???
My first idea was to combine my kids' names - Rhiana and Liam - Liana, Rhiam? They didn't work well... didn't roll off the tongue quite so well. I couldn't think of any good words that would work.

I have a secret, well not so secret, addiction to Pride and Prejudice. I have read the book many times and love the BBC adaptation to be in the background when I am sewing or cooking (especially long stints in the kitchen). So I thought I would use one of the character's names as my bag names - Darcy would do because it is five letters long. I liked it but there are many, and I mean many, crafters who use the name darcy.

My brother suggested stash... although it made people think of drug stash it made me think of my massive fabric stash. But unfortunately, stash bags and stash designs already exists. So I quickly decided on dash, a compromise between darcy and stash. It is only four letters long so I don't know if it will last. What do you think?
As you can see, I got pretty excited about Stash designs and made a banner for my upcoming market stall. I will go with it for now because the market is in two days and I don't have time to make up a dash one, I don't even know that I want to name them dash yet... it just doesn't quite work.

Speaking of markets, I will be at the Gilles Street Markets on Sunday November 7th from 10-4 with my bags and accessories. If you are in Adelaide, South Australia I hope to see you there.

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  1. Hi Maya

    Even in your blogs your dialect is thought provoking, which I must say I enjoy. I must say I'm happy to see that your taking the design to business aspect very seriously, as you should because it is obvious the talent you posess. The thought process you employ for the name of your designs is very modest yet creative, which is where the provokotive thoughts began. There is a huge market out there and targeting an audience seems to be one of the primary objectives. This I will leave for you to decide. Although if I could make a suggestion on a different type of angle, I (hopefully) can provoke the thoughts directly back.

    When you suggested Liam and Rhiana's names as a possibilty, followed by your fascination with Pride and Prejudice, I thought, there are so many different angles on where you can take this. You have been around the world, you have insights into so many cultural beliefs, you are interested in so many types of music and literature that influences could get clouded. Perhaps I'm going a little overboard - I mean - Its just a name right..? No... If your anything like me, you would want the name to be a representation of yourself. this thought process could take you months to get right, though Im sure you will.

    This is getting lengthier by the sentence - The angle I believe could work - as it has so many times before - is that of the French language. Having spent time in Canada, and being able to speak fluent french - there is no less a connection. The language makes things seem even more beautiful than they really are - (have you ever been sworn to in French)? So following this angle, which as I say, could be one of many - I came up with - Le dessins de Maya - which needs no translation, but rolls from the tounge quite elegantly. A thought I hope will provoke more of your own.

    All the best